Of Awards and Recognitions

Of Awards and Recognitions

The Annual academy awards show has piqued my interest quite a bit, of course it is a very entertaining program and perhaps the most watched award show in the planet. It is that time of the year when the people in film industry gets recognized for their work. It leaves me wondering what about teachers who have made a real difference in someone’s life? What about doctors who saves lives on a daily basis. Do they work for money? For recognition? For honour? What drives these people? I am sure there must be some kind of awards for these professional, but it is certainly not as celebrated or as popular as the academy awards.

The rewards of working long hours and contributing something in your niche area come in different forms. They either become someone like Steve Jobs, creator of one of the most valuable companies in the planet or like Michael Phelps or Muhammed Ali, who are undisputed leaders in their profession. In the niche area of being a legal entrepreneur, I never vied for any accolades or hell, I never even thought there existed any recognitions for being a legal entrepreneur or a legalprenuer, a phrase that is fast becoming very popular.

However, I was extremely glad to have been awarded the Fastcase50, as one of the fifty most innovative people in law, an annual recognition that has been instituted by Fastcase50 honouring law’s courageous innovators, techies and visionaries. This Award has been instituted about four years ago and has some of the world’s most recognizable names in legal entrepreneurship as well as General Counsels and Officials of some of the largest companies in the world, including KIA motors, Facebook, Google and Apple. It also has innovative US and Canadian Judges as well as world renowned professors in Law who has contributed significantly in the field of law.

My earlier recognition came when I invited as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, that counts Charles Dickens, Adam Smith, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx as some of the members. Becoming both the fellow of the Royal Society of Arts as well as now being recognized as one of the innovators in the field of law are both something that makes me feel proud an intimidated as the same time. While I am proud to be a part of this distinguished group of people, I also feel that a greater responsibility has been placed on me to continue to innovate and contribute far more to the legal arena in whatever way I can.

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